Amazon Kindle

Here are my thoughts on the Amazon Kindle

 1. What happens when Amazon decides it’s not profitable and shuts down the “Whispernet”. Then that “no computer, no syncing” thing goes from a selling point to a major boondoggle

 2. How do you use it if you’re not within Sprint’s network? Why would you not stick wifi or some way to sync it with the computer, and make it optional? I am all for the KISS methodology and the sync it over the air method they use now, but they really need a backup

 3. Want to sell 10 million of these things? Get textbook publishers signed up. I would be completely willing to pay full price for textbooks if I could get them in electronic format. Give them away to college students, charge them regular price for the books. Publishers will love it because it kills the used textbook market. Students love it because you don’t have to carry 60lbs of books. Amazon loves it because they have tons of new Kindle customers that will probably use it after college. And college graduates are likely to continue reading after they’re done with school. 

I know what I want for Christmas

I know what I want for Christmas

My iPhone wish list, version 1

1. Third Party apps, with full access to all of the hardware. This means an app could theoretically use the microphone and speaker (I’m thinking SIP client here)

2. iChat with AIM support. Even better if you can log in to multiple accounts like on iChat on a mac. 3 points if it includes voice chat.

3. iPod video and YouTube video rotate the other way. Rotating to the left puts the volume controls on the bottom, and they then act opposite to the volume indicator on the screen. Putting them on top (having it rotate to the right) would clean this up.

4. A keychain for safari. Extra points if you sync this and form fill data with my mac.

5. Sync services that tie into .Mac. IE: Let me add an entry to my calendar on the phone, and it should be on my computer by the time I get home. 

 6. MMS support. Or, at a minimum, put a link to the message instead of the current plain text message to go to a website with the password and message id.

7. Show the wallpaper on the homescreen.

8. quicker access to phone app. Double tap home, go to phone, something like that.

9. A home page for safari. If I haven’t accessed safari for >5 hours, I am probably starting a fresh browsing session. At a minimum, give me a home page and a home button for safari.

10. Flash support, and less important, java in Safari

This is what I’ve come across now, I may have more in the future. 

Mars is essentially in the same orbit [as earth]….Mars is somewhat the same distance from the Sun, which is very important. We have seen pictures where there are canals, we believe, and water. If there is water, that means there is oxygen. If oxygen, that means we can breathe.
Dan Quayle, former Vice President of the United States
…we will fix these problems when we the people decide that nobody else is going to do it for us, but that we have to become personally involved in saving American democracy.
Al Gore, at George Washington University 5/29/07

F*&% you Baltimore (do not watch this at work)

In many ways, George W. Bush reminds me more of Nixon than of any other president. Like Bush, Nixon subordinated virtually every principle to his hunger for reelection. 
Al Gore, The Assault on Reason